5 Tips Before Buying A New Router In 2020

This pandemic period led us to freeze at our place and work straight from there. And for working we need our environment same as our office, we can’t bear buffering. The one and only biggest problem which usually many of us find is the internet connection speed, the major thing which is lacking or because of which we people suffer from connectivity problems is the router.

Let’s change our wi-fi router! Questions which usually arise are what should be our budget for buying it or how expensive we can get? What things should one keep in mind while buying a perfect router? Buying a router should not give you a headache as you have fewer clues or zero clues then my dear, I’m writing it for you.

These are some simple and easy steps that we should always keep in mind:

1. The price: 

Pay attention to the price. Please don’t get fooled by the brand and their prices. Brand’s chits usually fool us and give us disappointing responses after paying much. Paying more won’t give us a smooth response.

2. Gigabit router: 

Buy the gigabit router, as we want the router which gives us fast speed, so we definitely need a gigabit router. Routers that can reach gigabit should be purchased because of the 1000 megabit per second speed. Let me tell you, it can cost a little more.

3. Mesh router and wi-fi6 combo: 

Get a router that has at least a USB port. If it has USB 3.0, it is a boon for us. Mesh routers rely on multiple wi-fi nodes. The mesh router and wi-fi6 combo allows data to move faster, smoother, and more efficiently. You can save money too after getting this combo.

4. Router security: 

Wireless networks can be insecure, but they are convenient, so we need to have our full control over the router and make sure that it has advanced firmware in it or by accessing the router panel with IP. This includes features like WPA encryption.

5. Range: 

The external antennas increase the range of the router and are suitable for the environment. Multiple antennas increase the range and help to work smoothly. These are the important things that we should cross-check while buying a router. Always check out the reviews before making the purchasing decision. All routers don’t have all the features. Some are easier to use, and some provide high speed.


So, these are the five tips that you should keep in mind while looking for a router. Also of course, make sure that it is efficient and effective. Make sure that you put your router in a location that gives you proper access to the network and do not forget to keep changing your password, to keep your connection secure.