Top 10 Growing Tampa Companies of 2024

Tampa, Florida, is experiencing significant business growth in various industries.

In this article, we highlight ten rising companies in Tampa that have made their mark and are predicted to dominate their respective fields in 2024.

To compile this list, we performed extensive research on Tampa-based companies across different sectors. These companies have demonstrated outstanding performance and have the potential to make a significant impact.

1. Ajroni Web Design Company

Ajroni Enterprises Inc., headquartered in the vibrant heart of Tampa, Florida, has swiftly risen to prominence as a full-service digital marketing agency. With a passionate commitment to enhancing the online presence of businesses spanning a variety of industries, Ajroni has developed a knack for delivering comprehensive web solutions that resonate with their clientele.

Their secret to success? A blend of sharp and sophisticated web design paired with effective marketing strategies.

From the craftsmanship of responsive layouts that adapt like chameleons to every screen size to the strategic deployment of SEO that shoots web rankings to the stars, Ajroni doesn’t just build websites; they build digital experiences that enchant and convert visitors into devoted customers.

With a keen eye for detail and a focus on client satisfaction, Ajroni is swiftly rising in prominence as a top contender in Tampa’s competitive business landscape in 2024.

2. Soma Global, Tampa

Soma Global, stationed in the heart of Tampa, Florida, has distinguished itself as a trailblazing force in public safety technology. Since its inception, Soma Global has dedicated itself to reshaping how law enforcement and government agencies respond to and manage critical situations with their cloud-native platform.

This progressive company provides an integrated suite of applications—catering to critical response, incident management, courts and corrections, and administrative needs—all designed to streamline operations and promote more efficient public safety processes. Soma Global emphasizes seamless connectivity, enabling rapid communication and data sharing across agencies, which is crucial for real-time, informed decision-making.

By pioneering a modern approach to public safety software, Soma Global is not just delivering solutions; they’re fostering safer, more resilient communities. This makes them an unmissable entry in Tampa’s top ten growing companies of 2024.

3. AFC Logistics

AFC Logistics, based in Tampa, is paving the way in the logistics and transportation industry with its innovative, streamlined solutions. The company provides efficient and reliable full truckload and less-than-truckload shipping services, balancing competitive rates with value-added features like guaranteed coverage and digital load tracking.

Their commitment to creating a ‘fair system’ that benefits both the carrier and the customers, and their fast and accessible booking process, have been instrumental in shaping a robust business model. Furthermore, the firm stands out for its philanthropic efforts, noting that they donate towards meals for every load booked.

With a strong team of industry leaders helping steer the company into new heights of success, AFC Logistics is undoubtedly a growing entity in Tampa’s business scene in 2024.

4. Direct Components Inc.

Direct Components Inc. has established itself as a forefront player in the electronics industry, offering seamless sourcing for integrated circuits and semiconductors. Boasting over two decades of experience, this Tampa-based firm provides quality electronic components through a vast supply network.

Their stringent in-house testing standards, handled by seasoned professionals, ensure the delivery of top-notch components. Additionally, their adept sourcing specialists simplify the procurement process for clients, navigating through an often complex market.

A dynamic player in the 2024 Tampa’s business scene, Direct Components is known for adhering to its core values—Dependability, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Commitment, and Teamwork (DIRECT)—while constantly striving for growth.

5. Snapcell

Perhaps no other company embodies the 2024 digital evolution in Tampa quite like Snapcell. As one of the industry-leading video engagement software providers, this innovative firm offers various solutions specifically designed for car dealerships.

Snapcell’s offerings extend beyond conventional video technology, creating a suite of Sales, Service, and Merchandising tools that focus on boosting sales, improving customer interaction, and enhancing overall business efficiency. With customer satisfaction at the heart of their business model, Snapcell’s sleek technological solutions are simplified for usability and foster trust and transparency.

From facilitating high-quality vehicle walkaround videos, virtual test drives, and technician videos to employing live two-way chats with customers, Snapcell’s streamlined, user-friendly solutions are empowering dealerships. Their seamless blend of automotive expertise and software development prowess solidifies their place among the top ten growing companies in Tampa.

6. SkyBridge Healthcare

SkyBridge Healthcare, operating from Tampa, is making significant strides in the healthcare staffing sector. They connect professionals within the healthcare community through genuine relationships and high-quality work, with a mission to forge bridges wherever a healthcare career may lead.

In addition to nursing and therapy specialties, SkyBridge also caters to the non-clinical side, offering positions in healthcare IT and revenue management. What sets them apart is their commitment to transparency, passion, and dependability, ensuring that healthcare professionals receive excellent treatment throughout their journey.

Their service extends to facilities nationwide, underlining their growth and the significant role they play in the industry.

7. Netskope

Netskope is making waves in the world of cyber security from its Tampa base. As a reputed SASE leader, they provide solutions aimed at enhancing security for websites and web applications. Their unique approach to security integrates advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, and zero-trust network access.

Their unmatched commitment to cyber safety is reflected in their clientele, which ranges from small businesses to large enterprises. By ensuring safe digital transformation and defending against cyber threats, Netskope demonstrates a commendable dedication to its field and makes an undeniable mark among Tampa’s top-growing companies of 2024.

8. Zap Mortgage

Zap Mortgage, a dynamic newcomer in the online mortgage scene, is reshaping how the next generation approaches home buying. With a clear commitment to simplifying the process, they’re cutting through the traditional hassle of mortgage hunting by virtually eliminating hefty paperwork and fast-tracking approval processes.

They’re also making waves with their ethical stance—dedicating a portion of their profits to combat homelessness and support families across the nation. This ethical footprint, paired with their sharp focus on securing the lowest interest rates and providing personalized services such as VA loans and refinancing options, positions Zap Mortgage as a socially conscious trailblazer in Tampa’s vibrant financial sector for 2024.

9. Thorum

Thorum has rapidly emerged as a valuable player in Tampa’s vibrant jewelry market. With a clear dedication to crafting exquisite pieces, they are bolstering customer satisfaction with their detail-oriented focus and commitment to quality.

Their unique approach includes not only production but also provides customers with a memorable shopping experience, right from browsing to checkout. Reviews share a testament to an efficient shopping process and stunningly crafted pieces, which exceed customer expectations.

Managed by a team of skilled artisans, Thorum adapts well to the evolving tastes of modern consumers.

10. StatPearls

StatPearls is a rising star in the field of health education, operating in Tampa. As an innovative education tech company, it provides continuing education and review materials for healthcare professionals across various specialties.

Their sophisticated learning system is designed with the user in mind, offering high-quality, peer-reviewed medical articles, aimed at enabling professionals to excel in their medical practices while adhering to the latest guidelines and practices.

At the juncture of technology and education, StatPearls is revolutionizing how healthcare professionals learn and grow in their careers. It is no surprise they hold a deserved spot among Tampa’s top ten growing companies of 2024.

A Word At The End

The Top 10 Growing Companies in Tampa for 2024 showcases a vibrant and dynamic business landscape.

Each company, with its unique products, services, and mission, underscores the city’s adaptability, growth, and innovative spirit.

These rising stars are sure to play pivotal roles in shaping both Tampa’s and the nation’s business landscape, in 2024 and beyond.