How Technology Invades Your Home with Creepy Spy Bots

The modern home is always packed with devices and technology, from tablets and laptops to smart televisions. Here are the most disturbing creepy technology devices invading your home.

Google and Samsung Smart Home Technology?

Home technology is unquestionably here to stay, with Google and Samsung at the forefront of the “smart home” revolution. But is this creepy or is it useful?  What does adopting new technology mean for your family? Given the development of smart home technologies, it’s impossible not to infer that society is transitioning away from smart gadgets and toward smart lives. The Internet of Things concept is gaining traction as smartphones, and other electronic gadgets become more widely available. It’s easy to understand why.


Console and PC players have a lot more options than before. Fast internet connections and updated consoles from Microsoft and Sony have enabled players to compete against people from all over the world. Newly popular E-sports is earning online gamers millions of dollars playing games like Fortnite.

Smart TVs

Streaming TVs have replaced the old DVD and cable box saving most families hundreds of dollars previously paid to Comcast.  While browsing the web, TVs with a high-speed internet connection may stream movies, TV programs, and music. Smart TVs are present in 80% of households in 2021.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Home are now very popular for many households. Google Home can manage over 30,000 different connected devices, including televisions, lights, and thermostats. These devices use voice commands to play music, deliver weather predictions, and offer food suggestions.

Smart Locks

Locks that do not require keys to open are becoming a popular option for some individuals to secure their valuables. These locks can be controlled with a smartphone app or a passcode, and they’re starting to open up many new possibilities.

Creepy British retailer Waitrose allows their staff to use Yale smart-lock technology to enter your home to deliver goods.

Vacuum Robots

Robot vacuums are available from a variety of well-known brands, including Dyson, Hoover, and Miele. These devices do the cleaning for you by moving around and sucking up dirt and dust on their own.

While a robot vacuum cleaner is useful, it may raise suspicion in some instances. For example, armed deputies were dispatched to a residence in Oregon in April after receiving complaints of an intruder, only to discover that their target was a Roomba vacuum cleaner going about its business.

Camera Doorbells

A Camera replacing your doorbell provides extra protection. There are many different brands but they all work in the same way.

When someone is near the door, the homeowner receives a message – generally sent to their mobile phone. They can then see who the person is and talk to them.

Smart Air Filters

MERV 16 air filters help in keeping a clean and fresh home atmosphere. In locations like hospitals, where there are a lot of unknown germs and viruses in the air that might spread via the ducts, MERV 16 filters are commonly utilized. Because top MERV 16 filters are used, hospitals use a far more powerful HVAC system to scrub their air clean of these potentially deadly particles and therefore improve indoor air quality.

Smart Ovens

Technology now transforms how you cook your meal.  A smart oven can be controlled using voice commands and will talk back to you.  You can turn it on or off, or set it for complex baking directions.  It will even send you an alert when your meal is cooked.

Smart Candles

When you creepify your home, what can be better than safe – nonflaming – candles.  You can purchase remote-controlled candles from most online resellers. This gives the warmth and beauty but is completely safe because there is no flame.  Of course, if you like to live in the danger zone, you can use traditional Taper candles to add sophistication and live on the edge of total destruction.