How to Claim your Business on Google My Business

Google is one of the best known searching platforms for all people in the world. More than 3.55 billons people search for something on Google daily. There is too much traffic on google daily. Everyone tries to get quick and easy solutions to all problems. Google makes your life easy and comfortable due to its fast-searching system. Whenever you ask someone about website search, everyone will answer Google because of its best and painless procedure.

Everyone tries to get the best solutions for their business and other issues. Some are searching for restaurants and local businesses. Almost 90% of the online business starts with the utilization of Google and other searching platforms.

As a local business holder or an owner of some restaurants, you can make a google website and let people know about your business. Google is one of the critical elements of online business today. How can you claim your Google My Business Listing? There are some easy ways to claim them. We will discuss all the aspects linked to the My business listing claiming on Google. Google says that you are free to use all of Google’s tools for your business and get many advantages. You can add, verify, and edit your business information very freely. You can get a lot of customers after claiming your google business listing.

How to Claim Your Google My Business Listing

There are a lot of steps to be followed to claim your Google My Business Listing. It is an easy and flexible task as Google wants to create ease and comfort for its users. Some of the parts are:

Part 1:

Request Verification

There are a few steps in this request. You will have to follow them as same because these are easy for you.

Step 1: Try to find your business on Google and make it easy to search.

Step 2: There will be an option at the top of the very right screen. Just tap at the section named “Own this Business?”

Step 3: Google will ask you to join your Google account for security reasons. This is two steps authentication step for you. You must have a google account for this all. If you do not have one, try to make it as it is necessary.

Step 4: After login into your google account, you will be there on a map. Search for your business like a school, restaurants, or whatever you have. Find an accurate and easy listing for your business on the map. If you do not have a listing on Google, try to add your business first by taping on the “Add your business” option. After addition, add all your relevant and linked information.  

Step 5: Check all your information in the best way to remove any errors and mistakes. If there is an issue, correct it and verify it.  You can skip six if you have confirmed and correct information already.

Step 6: If you have wrong, you will be directed to the Google My Business page after clicking on the Verify button. You will be able to check all the Google tools and other necessary things to be used. You can sue them and correct all necessary and wrong information. Always try to give your accurate and correct real data to Google.   

Step 7: Follow all the instructions very keenly as ait will not be changed further. Choose your verification method and try to do with care.

Step 8: You will get two options for the verification method. Verify by phone number or by mail. You can choose anyone and wait for verification. If you prefer mail, you will have to wait for a mail carrier for 1-2 weeks. After getting mail, you will be able to do further process. The phone number verification method is straightforward and easy. You can verify your business very fast ab easily by this method.

Part 2: What to do after getting a mail or postcard:

There are a few main steps to be followed to get mail from the Google side. Some of them are:

Step 1: After requesting verification by mail, you will get a post letter with a numeric code related to your Google account address, etc.

Step 2: After getting the mail code, you will be able to login to your google business account, and a message will be there about your verification process further. You can tap it at that message, enter numeric code at your post letter, and put it there.   

Step 3: After putting the code, it will transfer you to many screens, and then your verification will be completed. You will be able to see your verified google business account. Your Google My Business Listing will be claimed.

The Bottom Line

After reading this whole article, you will verify your Google My Business listing your own. You will get an idea about what is the process and how it goes. Google is one of the best search engines for you to gain customers  in the online business market. Try to follow these all steps and get ease and success at the Google platforms. Enjoy and Best of Luck with your Google My Business Listing.