How to Load Microsoft Office 2010 on a brand-new Windows 10 Computer in 2021

Microsoft Office 2010, with Outlook 2010 still runs great.  More importantly, you can still obtain a valid perpetual license to it.  This means you do not need to have a monthly or annual subscription, and you will still be using a very powerful version of Outlook.

Why use Office 2010 now?

No subscription required, license keys are readily available for it. In 2021 the cost for an Office 2010 license for reinstallation runs about $25.  It is a one-time-purchase, so after that you own a license to the software forever.  Office 2010 is Out Of Support but it still runs fine and you can confidently use it for business.

One feature of Office 2010 over Office 365 is the simplicity.  Office 2010 has a simpler format for Tasks and Calendar and so it is easier to use.  Also it fully supports Calendar Colors when using IMAP folders.  This feature was dropped in later versions of Outlook.

Office 2010 Licensing details

Consumers are allowed to transfer license to a new computer if they have a key. So that means your first step is to find or purchase a license key.  Once you have the key you can easily download Office 2010 or Outlook 2010 from the Microsoft website.  Enter your key and you are good-to-go forvever.  You can use Outlook without a subscription.

Recover License Key from an Old Computer that you Own

If you have an older computer that has Office 2010 on it, use this guide to find your key. You are allowed to transfer the license provided you no longer use it on your old computer. 

Obtain Office 2010 Download from a CD-ROM

Office 2010 was distributed on CD-Rom.  If you check your office, you probably have a disk. It may even have the license key imprinted on the case.  Check this as a source for installation on your current computer.

Obtain Office 2010 Download and Key from a Vendor

Microsoft no longer hosts the download for older versions of Office and Outlook. Be very careful about who you download from.  Here is one site we found that hosts a dependable download:

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