What Are the Ideal Specs for a Gaming Laptop?

When it comes to choosing a gaming laptop, things can get confusing really fast. New technologies are released constantly, and companies are fighting for the top spot.

So What Are You Going to Pick from This Mess of Technical Specs?

That is what we are here to discuss. All the best tech that’s available on the market. You can then pick something with your requirements in mind.


The brain of the laptop should also be the most important item on your checklist. The importance of the CPU is immense as all hardware in the laptop is somewhat reliant on it. There are 2 major processor makers on the market right now, Intel & AMD. Both of these companies make great CPUs for gaming laptops. At the minimum, you should go for an i5 or a Ryzen 5 as these are good quality processors. The ideal CPU for most games would be an i7 or a Ryzen 7.

Graphics Card

The 2nd most important item on your checklist should be the GPU. Nvidia and AMD are the two biggest manufacturers & Intel is also entering the market with their dedicated graphics card. These brands have low-end offerings, such as GeForce MX350 and RX 5300M, which offer good gaming performance for low to mid-tier games. But the ideal graphics card for a laptop in 2022 will be the GeForce RTX 3050 or above.


The screen on your laptop is also an important factor. Gaming laptops usually have a higher refresh rate and lower response time. This is to ensure that your screen’s image is smooth with no ghosting or tearing. A good gaming laptop will have a screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz or above.


The amount & type of RAM on a laptop can make a day & night difference in performance.

Most laptops now come with 8GB of DDR4 RAM, which is fast and adequate enough to run most games. But when you get to the high demanding AAA games, you need at least 16GB of RAM. DDR5 has been released in the market, a newer version of the DDR4 RAM. You cannot put DDR5 RAM in a DDR4 laptop, only the 12th Gen Intel & 6000 Series AMD CPUs support it.


The storage also plays a great part in your gaming performance. That’s why newer laptops are equipped with faster and more reliable Solid State Drives(SSD). These are way faster than the traditional Hard Disk Drives(HDD). Ideally, your laptop should have at least 512GB of storage, preferably an SSD.

Battery: You should not consider battery life an important aspect of a gaming laptop, as most laptops will have mediocre battery life. Some models do come with a great battery, but it does not play a part in the laptop’s performance.


Technology is constantly evolving, and we must be updated to make informed purchase decisions.

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