Five Time-Saving Tips for Better Animated Videos

In today’s world, how much time we spend on activities has become an obsession: we want to achieve more in less time. This is why so many innovative technological solutions today promise to save time, resulting in fewer headaches and greater happiness. Making a video should be no exception.

This time-saving ideas calculator might assist to highlight how much energy we spend on chores that eat up our valuable time.

So, how can you make the most of your time when filming a video? Here’s what you should do.

1. Plan Your Project

Once you begin making anything, the greatest thing you can do is estimate how many movies you will require over time. Planning allows you to determine what you truly require for your company, social media platforms, or website.

So, what exactly do you require? Is it an explainer video, a product video, a tutorial, a sign-up video, or simply a basic intro with your logo?

Everything you need to do is arrange and plan out what you want to generate, and then come up with a video short for each. Draft, script, or define your scenes, and schedule. Another thing you’ll need is a bank of photos for all of the movies you’ll be making. Editing will be lot faster and more streamlined once you’ve gathered them.

2. Clone Consistently

Once you go to your video page, you will notice that the video has been duplicated and is now at the top of the video pile. What makes this so fantastic? You save a lot of time by not having to import and duplicate an intro or outro you’ve previously prepared, you save all of your button links, and your logos are still intact — simply adjust to fit your video needs. It might be shorter, provide more information, or just have a different audio track. Whatever the case may be, batching and cloning go hand in hand.

The best part? This is critical in developing brand consistency: by using the same intro, colors, and content, you let your audience to discover your style and vision.

3. Take Advantage of Animated Video Templates

We have a rather broad and handy template gallery available to you, which makes editing lot faster and easier. Simply select the best template for you, click modify, and replace pictures as needed.

ADVANCED TIP! Inside the editor, our “Scene Templates” accessible between scenes on the right-hand bar will help you build out your scenes quickly and reliably while preserving the desired aesthetic. Not only will it appear better right away without sacrificing creative freedom, but you’ll also save yourself hours of tedious effort.

4. Create the Video with Your Creativity

You can either hire an animated video service, or start creating your own animated video. As we have already discussed earlier, many video animation tools are available in the market that you can use to create your video. If you are not sure how to create one, then you can hire freelancers or video animators on contract.

5. Revise Your Animated Video

Once your video is complete, the next thing you will need to do is to revise the animated video that you already created. It is time to get a peer review. A peer review can help you learn about the nook and crannies of the animation. They can also help suggest ideas to improve the overall video, if needed.
When you complete your clips, anybody – whether a customer, coworker, or employer – will typically want to examine them. To obtain feedback immediately, skip the download and post to YouTube and instead provide a link. Copy and paste your video URL right into a message or email, and any viewer will be brought to the video immediately.

Feedback will arrive sooner than you think. The link may be found on the “My Videos” page or in the editor’s sharing options.

6. Add Quick Description to Your Videos

Once you’re through with your videos, you may schedule them to be published. You may choose how many video to have in rotation whether you use the video for your website, social media, or links in emails. The advantage is that you have saved time while simultaneously increasing the amount of your video content mix.

And, if you want to reach consumers organically with your video, it’s critical to tag and add a caption to your video that contains the most significant terms or keywords on your topic. If you offer a service or a product, insert your website URL in the descriptions to improve your internet presence.

7. Start Promoting Your Animated Video

Last but not the least, you can’t get traffic from your website unless and until you promote your video to the market. The best way to promote your animated video is either through social media or through paid ads.
Your audience is available on social media, search engines, and on other websites where you can market your videos.
When you start promoting your animated videos, you can see the overall video performance.
Keep an eye on how your videos do. Then go through the process again. These little but efficient steps will go a long way when you’re wanting to cut (and rightfully so) time-consuming corners.

Your logo, color palette, typography, and other features distinguish your brand.

These elements are often spread over every channel your organization manages, including your website, social media accounts, newsletters, and so on. This helps to increase brand awareness since customers hear a consistent message about your company and become more able to recognise it by its own style.

You may use animation to tailor the entire video to your brand’s aesthetic. In contrast to live-action works, however, well-placed branding in animation appears natural.

Because animation can seamlessly include your logo into the plot, use your brand’s color palette in most aspects on the screen, and convey your unique spirit via every frame.

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About the Author:

Mack Chris is an SEO specialist with more than 5 years of experience in promoting and marketing brands in the digital world. He loves to read and share his digital marketing experience with the rest of the community. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing, sketching, plays football, and goes swimming.

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