4 Factors To Consider Prior To Starting Penetration Testing

When it comes to the most recent Cybersecurity audits, penetration testing is critical. Penetration testing, according to digital forensics, is an authorized reproduced cyberattack on a computer system that is carried out to assess the system’s security. Penetration testing primarily entails an organization allowing outside Cybersecurity experts to examine the security system’s darkest and deepest secrets.

With this scenario in mind, we’ve put up a list of four elements that top penetration testing organizations assess before starting their pen-testing.

1. Ensure That the Team You’re Working With Has All of the Necessary Certifications

Before allowing someone inside your home to look at your gas meter, be sure they have all of the necessary credentials. Penetration testing can be set up in a similar way. You should check to see if the person has all of the necessary credentials from a reputable certification supplier. PenTest+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP), and Licensed Penetration Tester are just a few examples of well-known certification providers (LPT). 

Significantly, the firm must have a thorough awareness of various businesses, as well as the various environments prevalent in modern IT deployments and pen-testing. This demonstrates that they are not found in the specialized and narrow industry. It will make no attempt to comprehend challenging scenarios and environments that may not be covered by a standard security framework.

2.  Make Sure That a Reporting Routine Has Been Established

The reporting findings provided by the company are one of the most significant aspects of the penetration testing partnership. It’s critical that this is settled ahead of time, and that this report includes:  clear and actionable testing results  concise and actionable future steps to remedy the specified concerns

For the appropriate audience, the advice must be changed. Executives in the C-suite, for example, must be aware of the dangers of a broad error. They do not, however, necessitate a technical version that is in-depth. IT and security departments, on the other hand, do.

3.  Verify That False Positives Are Eliminated and That Procedures Are Strictly Followed

 When a system’s vulnerability is found, false positives are common. The system, on the other hand, has no susceptibility. When resources are committed to resolving non-issues, these occurrences result in a waste of money and effort.

The team you’re working with is expected to go above and above to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. The couples can eliminate these negatives by following a well-documented method before, during, and after the engagement. The majority of the leading penetration testing firms use automated tools and rename the automated tools’ reports. It’s critical to conduct manual analysis to avoid false positives. This ensures that the activity is completed with authenticity and correctness, as well as repeatability in the event of subsequent errors. This high-level methodology leaves no room for interpretation. It should include a number of steps.

4. Confirm That the Vendor’s Offering Includes a Re-Test Option

This is a critical real-world choice that must be addressed in order for pen testing to be successful. This is because pen-testing companies recommend that: The repair strategy is the best option; the vendor has positioned it, and there is no guarantee that it has performed well.

Assuring that the vendor offers a re-test option is the best protection against such an occurrence and will protect the company’s interests.


Penetration testing is a difficult and stressful undertaking to complete. This applies to both those who are testing and those who are being tested. As a result, due diligence on both sides of the equation must be completed. Pen testing must be done in a precise, polite, and methodical manner by top penetration testing businesses. Companies looking to hire a good pen testing team should make sure they choose one that meets the criteria listed above.

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